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Penny for your thougths...

Mini Shop

by Sandra Guzman on 04/28/15

It's been a long while since I've blogged.
ALOT has happened. Moved the shop to a temporary location...never mind the details. Searching for our next great location.
In the meantime...please visit our online shop. Cruise through the website.
Don't forget daily posts on Facebook...AND INSTAGRAM!...SPANKY

it's been a L O N G winter

by Sandra Guzman on 04/08/14

Thank you very much...the weather has broke! beautiful 75 degrees! AHHH HHAAA...the mountain has been closing down from winter fun...(for the bears to come out of hibernation)...locals sporting flip flops and shorts...daring nature to bring it on!!! we've been waking up too. a bigger selection of vinyl has been building up the past few months...a little plans on the horizon...lots of locals consigning instruments...memorabilia posters...and original artwork!
Heard my first Harleys come through town last week and i just about ran after them to give them huge hugs...

looking forward to the spring and summer to kick in...for more locals to find the shop...and hear...'when did this happen????' love that!

so...come one come all...keep an eye on the facebook and website for new things and local banter! ....SPANKY 

NTW 1/26/2014

by Sandra Guzman on 01/26/14

we have completely exploded with LP's tripled in the last 2 weeks. my partners have been on a tear for's almost addicting...everything that is coming in is cleaned, checked over for condition, researched by catalog# and label against a history of sold going back to 2003 and some back to 1997.  the price is evaluated by this process for every single LP coming in. it's a big process, well worth it, and i think the folks appreciate knowing they are getting something valuable and in great shape. yes, i could chuck them all in a box and throw a $$ amount to get rid of them. there are several Master press LP's in the shop...some rare little gems and i'm having trouble wanting to let them go up for sale...LOL! it's actually interesting (to me anyway) to find out the history/pedigree of each album.
we are going to open the invite to bring in your well cared for collection to be shared with the community. looking for blues, jazz, and 90's + rock. i don't think i want to do cd' least not now. keeping for the 'purists' as one of our locals has said.

my attention is being directed to the back room. making this an extremely interesting part of the store...changes in the coming weeks. the upstairs loft is still available for rent, but i have been plotting something very special...

'SPANKY'S After Dark' on Friday nights til 9-9:30ish

complimentary coffee and dessert being served. til the mountain closes for the bears...

appreciate all the opinions...good and bad (sometimes it keeps me up in the middle of the night)'s all good. helps me to want to do better for everyone. a big ol' THANKS to the WF Locals for supporting the shop and wanting to make it their own!...on that note...good night...SPANKY! 

NTW 1/15/2014

by Sandra Guzman on 01/15/14

Well...well...well...a bunch of changes in the shop...our LP inventory has swelled to well over 750+ and another 300-400 to log in. great finds. a lesson in researching serial numbers has found masters and rare press...very cool! we have a Beatles Live from Hamburg Germany...Stones Beggars Banquet...Pink Floyd Meddle that has a Capitol well as a Beatles with a Capitol Label.
Getting into classical...looking for good private collectors LP's for jazz and blues!

Carrying Curt Mangan banjo and mandolin strings...selling out fast!
Instruments on consignment still coming in and out just as's been so great meeting new and accomplished musicians!

Looking forward to the next growth spurt to drive us to the next level of coolness...yes i said coolness...because i can! HA!

OH...we're doing SPANKY'S After Dark on Friday nights til 9pm til the mountain closes...putting the coffee on and nice munchies...please come on by!

NTW 11/21/13

by Sandra Guzman on 11/22/13

even in the shoulder season, our shop is growing little by little. we've taken in some nice leathers for consignment...vinyl LP's collection growing steady from my Colorado partner in crime...5A/5B/7A/2A Vic Firth drum sticks...a few Earnie Ball strings...songbooks from some real good bands. that about covers it.

it's shoulder season in Whitefish...extremely slow time of the year. the mountains are covered and i heard a good 6-8 ft. on top of Big Mountain. i don't ski so have to take it from the locals who know...
you can see the snowghosts from town. it's just beautiful. winter stroll is set for december 16th, always a nice time to cruise town. window decorations for shops should be done by the first since i've been downtown, and am looking to see how i do with the contest...hope it turns out well.

come on by if you're in town and say hello...tis the season to rock!...SPANKY

NTW: 11/8/2013

by Sandra Guzman on 11/09/13

NTW: 11/8/13
Bob has brought in 20' guitar cables; 25' mic cables; Moongel dampening pads; mic clips; microphones; Vic Firth ROCK-NOVA sticks...
MORE LP'S holy crap...we're on a roll...a bunch of music books...still looking for a charity turntable...
a few more leathers...a real old CHINESE CHECKER game board...2 old vintage leather yokes
Come on by...
Ladies night out was interesting. Alot of new faces discovering the shop. lots of munchies left...guess who's gonna eat it up...NO, not me...the boy of course!

NTW 10/29/2013

by Sandra Guzman on 10/29/13

NTW...well new these past few weeks...
* Lucky 13 Brand accessories are in the house. wallets; beanies; buckles; bandanas...
* Curt Mangan guitar strings for acoustic; electric and bass guitars; D'Addario single strings...
* custom made EBSbags from Emily Brooks, she had her bags in Aspen and now is here in Whitefish. check her out...
* more leather jackets are coming on consignment along with leather pants too. some are dress some are biker...
* More audio equipment; amps and guitars from Bob Vignali up in the loft...
* vintage VINYL albums are floating in, the selection is pretty good right now...
* rock memorabilia from The Grateful Dead; some signed & numbered pieces, posters and program cards collected from concerts...

i am working on bringing in supplies for the community. have a nice list of requests from local musicians and for students. hopefully will have items starting to float in by the weekend.

it's been suggested to use the loft for music theory; gatherings and jam sessions. thinkin this is an awesome idea towards the weekends. anyone interested, please give the shop a shout. have some seating available. good start.

please come by as the shop keeps changing into a nicely rounded community rock and roll shop....SPANKY   

NTW 10/2/2013

by Sandra Guzman on 10/02/13

NTW: we got some more V-Picks in. A nice assortment for a variety of playing styles. I hope to keep expanding into a ridiculous full line. Not everyone is familiar with Vinni's line of specialty pics. Some are pricey. BUT no one is disappointed. In fact repeat visits to try different ones and actually turning in some lets say 'other' name brands for consignment. it! True testament for quality. Please check out V-Picks website. Do a google search yourself on reviews of best 10 pics. That's how I found V-Pick.
OK we also brought in some slides in regular and large. Consigned 4 other slides. Keyring pic holders.

An Ibanez electric guitar. Solid Mahogany body and set neck. with case...beautiful instrument.

More classic collectible magazines from Car and Driver...Hot  Rod books on Harleys...woodworking and rock n roll icons.

More Leather jackets are comin in...starting to see the biker community finding out about the shop. Right on! Sold the first chaps in 2 days...nice!

Now we have lots of Vera Bradley gently used and new purses...Silver plated antique serving pieces...some American West leather purses and wallets...Stetson Fedoras...
A Copper top chess/backgammon table w/rustic barrel chairs...utility kitchen table...some nice Art pieces by Abe Quilling / Buz Schott / Donna Butnik...
Rock Memorabilia signed and number 'The Doors' poster...Woodstock re-union tickets/parking/bumper sticker framed piece...
American Indian Jewelry stamped...Montana Silversmith watches and Richard Schmidt Jewelry
Some antique items A Spanish sword (1850's)...View Finder 1905 w/WWII pictures...Green River Knife... A Hair Curling contraption from 1950ish...
An Antique McPherson Saddle...Garcia Spurs...Fleming Bit
Several electric guitars including Peavey T20 and Douglas 7 string...2 acoustic...they are selling nicely.
Totemic Jewelry... ROCK T-SHIRTS... Buckles...Dansk set of bowls dishes disc' 'Blue Mist'...
That extremely cool Banjolin sign by several Icons of Blue Grass...bunch more stuff

Please stop by and check it out...we are on a roll!...SPANKY

NTW 9/26/2013

by Sandra Guzman on 09/26/13

NTW: a banjolin signed by some well known Blue Grass musician...some nice leather jackets; dunlop:adams graphite pics/ebony pics/buffalo nickel pics; dunlop slides; 2003 'The Doors' concert poster...yes 2003 signed and numbered.

i really think things are shaping up...lookin up...SPANKY    


by Sandra Guzman on 09/25/13

NO not the weather...but we got a nice visual dusting of snow up on Big Mountain...
it's all about the V-PICKS. 2 hours on the counter...4 GONE...didn't even have a chance to get them priced..HOLY MOLY!  listen up...i have a feelin i better get a whole lot more in.

Got a really cool Antares Banjolin came in this morning. Now it's signed by some of the greats of Blue Grass. Peter Rowan, Sam Bush, Dr.Ralph Stanley, Del McCoury, Ronnie McCoury, Earl Scruggs, Ricky Scaggs. Price for this awesome little instrument still undetermined. Have shot off a letter to Scaggs manager...we'll see what she thinks. Gotta start my research someplace. May as well go knockin on Mr. Scaggs door.

So...far...what a great midweek start....SPANKY


by Sandra Guzman on 09/22/13

We are turning out to be a nice little spot for musical equipment and musicians are finding us. WOW...I'm so happy with the way it's going. Taking an interest in finding out everything I can to service Whitefish. Bob has his hands full filling up the space in the loft with everything we need to do that.

So doing some research...I come across V-Pick...watched several youtube videos and this is an awesome product. Make a call to Nashville and get Vinni Smith, the founder and owner, on the phone...What a surprise, great conversation and what a cool man. Hooked me up and sending me this beautiful display case with my logo engraved on it and a nice selection of his top 15 picks...CAN'T WAIT...
I do believe we're on to something good! Enjoying every single second...SPANKY

NTW & surpise in-house concert

by Sandra Guzman on 09/20/13

NTW: a shipment of Harley awesome Marilyn a-z book, what a find...OMG MORE Car and Driver/Hot Rod 1960's magz...bunch more woodworking books...more rock t-shirts...

get this...Doug (my new BFF) is a Dead follower from alll the way back to the 60's. he brought in original concert cards...framed stickers...collectable Dead trading cards...a poster of Hot Tuna, signed by the band and the artist...not a chance, it's MINE!...and he said that's NOT even 1/6th of what he has...HOLY CRAP...rock n' roll MOTHER LOAD! 
I'm loving this whole concept! Cool stuff keeps comin' in the door!

We had a surprise visit from Dan of 'Rising Lion' (playing the Craggy tonight) got sung to OMG...a Van Morrison song i never heard before...'Someone Like You'...John Cougar Mellancamp...'Little Pink Houses'...Bob Marley...'No Woman No Cry'...a mini concert loved it...i need 2 sofas for the shop, thinkin there's gonna be ALOT of music being played in here. Dan said I was the true East and there was no way of fightin it...WHAT?!...WOW!

Please come by and check out the shop...spread the word...It's only gonna get better.


by Sandra Guzman on 09/18/13

13 this week

by Sandra Guzman on 09/14/13

We have a few new things in this week.

Some rock t-shirts as well as stickers and guitar picks.

My pin-up girls have arrived...guys, if you're lookin' for that babe for your shop, I do believe she is here. Suprisingly to see the older folks (60-70's +) lovin' it. SHOCKINGLY the 30-40ish crowd raising eyebrows...REALLY??? Loosen know you like it!

OOHHHHHHH....vintage HOT ROD Magazine 1963-1967 floating in from an 'untold' source. 'Introducing the GTO'...comon' how cool is that!
A few old school woodworking books and some rock icon as well.
Zeppelin/Floyd/Neil Young...GONE!

A huge collection of Vera Bradley purses from Kim...OMG I think it's everything in this part of Montana. Any color and nice selection of styles. Gently used. Come by and check it out.
More guitars from Bob as well. Sold the first Dean yesterday.
(if that guy from Fernie reads this...I HAVE THE CASE...please stop back in or call)

A large round engraved metal coffee table/wall hanging.
An antique saddle; Garcia spurs...stunning; beautiful bit.

Abe Quilling has brought in some awesome mixed media pieces...a must see.

NOW I am taking certain consignment clothes. Leathers.
I have someone bringing in vintage western that falls in the lines of 'rockabilly'.
Really wanting biker leathers.
THAT being said...I am picking and choosing what works for me. Please wash garments before coming in...there's just something about the smell of consignment clothing shops that gets to me, sorry...please wash or I will not even consider it. I'll see how this goes.

I'm likin' where we're goin'!

Noticing folks standing on the sidewalk lookin' in but not too sure if they want to come in.
Yes...we are a different kinda shop...and it's all good! You never know what you're gonna find in here.

Not sure if we're open cause all the other shops have closed.

If the 'OPEN' sign is 'on' and the Flag is a flyin'.....Alls I gotta say is:

'If the house is a rockin'...don't bother knockin'
'Yeah, if the house is a rockin'...don't bother come on in!'  
Stevie Ray Vaughan...RIP


September 11th 2013

by Sandra Guzman on 09/11/13

Will never forget this day...I was 5 months pregnant...flying as fast as my truck could go...going to my Father to pick him up and take him to the Trade Center to assist...He was retired Fire Safety Chief for WTC1...

On the way to him I stopped and can see the plume of smoke coming from the Twin Towers in that low part of the valley in Monroe the time I go to him the second plane had hit...I found my Father slumped over in his recliner crying with a walkie talkie in one hand and a phone in the other...he kept saying 'I can't get a hold of my people' was over...

My heart still aches for that moment...that day...reliving it today

My heart and thoughts go out to all who have lost loved ones...
First responders...
Those who's lives has changed forever...
I will never forget....We should never forget...Rest in Peace...
Bless us all...