HOT HOT HOT : Penny for your thougths...
Penny for your thoughts...


by Sandra Guzman on 09/25/13

NO not the weather...but we got a nice visual dusting of snow up on Big Mountain...
it's all about the V-PICKS. 2 hours on the counter...4 GONE...didn't even have a chance to get them priced..HOLY MOLY!  listen up...i have a feelin i better get a whole lot more in.

Got a really cool Antares Banjolin came in this morning. Now it's signed by some of the greats of Blue Grass. Peter Rowan, Sam Bush, Dr.Ralph Stanley, Del McCoury, Ronnie McCoury, Earl Scruggs, Ricky Scaggs. Price for this awesome little instrument still undetermined. Have shot off a letter to Scaggs manager...we'll see what she thinks. Gotta start my research someplace. May as well go knockin on Mr. Scaggs door.

So...far...what a great midweek start....SPANKY

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