NTW 11/21/13 : Penny for your thougths...
Penny for your thoughts...

NTW 11/21/13

by Sandra Guzman on 11/22/13

even in the shoulder season, our shop is growing little by little. we've taken in some nice leathers for consignment...vinyl LP's collection growing steady from my Colorado partner in crime...5A/5B/7A/2A Vic Firth drum sticks...a few Earnie Ball strings...songbooks from some real good bands. that about covers it.

it's shoulder season in Whitefish...extremely slow time of the year. the mountains are covered and i heard a good 6-8 ft. on top of Big Mountain. i don't ski so have to take it from the locals who know...
you can see the snowghosts from town. it's just beautiful. winter stroll is set for december 16th, always a nice time to cruise town. window decorations for shops should be done by the 6th...my first since i've been downtown, and am looking to see how i do with the contest...hope it turns out well.

come on by if you're in town and say hello...tis the season to rock!...SPANKY

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