this week : Penny for your thougths...
Penny for your thoughts... this week

by Sandra Guzman on 09/14/13

We have a few new things in this week.

Some rock t-shirts as well as stickers and guitar picks.

My pin-up girls have arrived...guys, if you're lookin' for that babe for your shop, I do believe she is here. Suprisingly to see the older folks (60-70's +) lovin' it. SHOCKINGLY the 30-40ish crowd raising eyebrows...REALLY??? Loosen know you like it!

OOHHHHHHH....vintage HOT ROD Magazine 1963-1967 floating in from an 'untold' source. 'Introducing the GTO'...comon' how cool is that!
A few old school woodworking books and some rock icon as well.
Zeppelin/Floyd/Neil Young...GONE!

A huge collection of Vera Bradley purses from Kim...OMG I think it's everything in this part of Montana. Any color and nice selection of styles. Gently used. Come by and check it out.
More guitars from Bob as well. Sold the first Dean yesterday.
(if that guy from Fernie reads this...I HAVE THE CASE...please stop back in or call)

A large round engraved metal coffee table/wall hanging.
An antique saddle; Garcia spurs...stunning; beautiful bit.

Abe Quilling has brought in some awesome mixed media pieces...a must see.

NOW I am taking certain consignment clothes. Leathers.
I have someone bringing in vintage western that falls in the lines of 'rockabilly'.
Really wanting biker leathers.
THAT being said...I am picking and choosing what works for me. Please wash garments before coming in...there's just something about the smell of consignment clothing shops that gets to me, sorry...please wash or I will not even consider it. I'll see how this goes.

I'm likin' where we're goin'!

Noticing folks standing on the sidewalk lookin' in but not too sure if they want to come in.
Yes...we are a different kinda shop...and it's all good! You never know what you're gonna find in here.

Not sure if we're open cause all the other shops have closed.

If the 'OPEN' sign is 'on' and the Flag is a flyin'.....Alls I gotta say is:

'If the house is a rockin'...don't bother knockin'
'Yeah, if the house is a rockin'...don't bother come on in!'  
Stevie Ray Vaughan...RIP


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