Penny for your thougths...
Penny for your thoughts...

Penny for your thougths...

Vignali Loft is officially open

by Sandra Guzman on 09/01/13

Bob and Kim have been working real hard on setting up the loft...Bob brought in some sound equipment and speakers. A really cool old crooning mic...was his Grandfathers. Says he use to use it for calling out square dancing. Pretty cool. Guitars are coming in too! Kim has a bunch of name brand purses...she also has some nice antique silver serving pieces. A crazy vintage curling contraption with tons of wires and clippy things...that scares the hell outta's a wonder how women back then made it out ALIVE after that hair's a gotta see. Nice addition to the shop and I hope everyone comes by and takes a visit up in the loft.

I received on consignment a nice piano accordion 120 button. Silvertone, but can't find the history on it. I can find the exact same one from an Italian named company from 1938...A Peavey T-20 fretless bass guitar with wooden body (rare), has new flat wrap strings...another Silvertone electric accoustic Spanish Harmony guitar, the guys says from 1959. My research puts it 1967/68. Would be nice to clarify that info...a 7 string electric guitar...(will post the name later, I forget. I'm home watching 'Mountain Men') (Douglas guitar)

Have an OLD Green River Works mountain man knife. From about 1832 from what I can find. Was the gentlemans Great grandmothers. He also dropped off a S. Richard meat cleaver...A 'Del Toledo' Spanish sword from a lady, said 'just please sell it'. According to the sword forum and research it dates back to 1850's when the first foundry was commissioned by King Spain. Was an engineers dress sword...interesting...a view finder from early 1900's with lots of pics from WWI...A nice selection of American Indian jewelry being consigned...A bunch of Dansk 'Blue Mist' bowls and small dessert plates.

Well can't wait to see who brings what in next...may have a stand up bass soon. Think I'm gonna set up a consignment page...

As I'm opening the shop and cutting back on my clients for's crazy how many calls I'm getting for cleaning. Don't know exactly how I'm gonna do this, BUT thank you to all my clients for being the best and understanding folks I could have ever come in contact with!...AND...good night all...SPANKY : )

1 week old...

by Sandra Guzman on 08/31/13

The shop is 1 week open...'Rock  Art  Retro'...awesome to see old friends and business owners come by and welcome me back to the community. LOVE folks remember the Eureka shop and excited to see what this shop will be.

Speaking of which...been consigning space.
Bob Vignali and his wife Kim are putting in a great home & pro audio / musical instrument section in the 'Vignali Loft'. Kim has some purses and accessories too.
Musical instruments are floating in for individual consignment.

Some fine home furnishings...16' solid Oak Custom Bookcase...Copper top Backgammon/Chess table w/ (4) Rustic barrel chairs...set of Antique French Victorian night tables.

Books on Craft, like old school woodworking...creative craft...Rock n' Roll and in progress

Ursula has brought in Alpaca hats; gloves; sweaters in her new consigned space.

Have some framed art...Abe Quilling from Fortine has brought in some really cool pieces...3 framed pieces from Buz Schott an Urban Impressionist from Cali...

I like where we're going...way different from past shops. Can't wait to bring in my flavor of the new SPANKY'S and GUS...

Come by for a visit...SPANKY

note to self

by Sandra Guzman on 08/20/13

YOU are NOT as young as you thought you were...Holy crap...making the transition from one business to starting another is not an easy thing. My mind says 'go..go...go'...but my body says 'seriously, did you think this was going to be easy'...

I've been battling with my will to make this shop happen and the realization of my physical health and well being. I'm diabetic type 2 and have been working, maybe too hard, to get myself on a better path. The cleaning business has been a pretty good band-aid to carry me to where I am right now. It's been hard work and haven't been able to pull out the long hours as I had diabetes not co-operating.
I am confident the shop will provide a better living...a chance to pay better attention to my health...and if I'm not feeling ok, a nice sign saying...'sorry I missed ya'.

Opening soon...SPANKY

let the mayhem begin!!!!!

by Sandra Guzman on 08/01/13 the keys in my hot little hands...I am soooooo ready to get back in the game. SO...2 weeks of painting....setting up space...receiving merchandise and we're off. I am so pumped to get things up and running...
Reminder to self...gotta crawl before you run....forget the walking time for that!
Hope to see you all very soon!....SPANKY

slowly i turn...step by step

by Sandra Guzman on 07/19/13

It's officially going on...quietly. I am re-inventing the shop. Getting inspiration from all different places. 'Where Women Create' magazine is one of the best magz around. I love every issue!
The stories of women creating their art...their workspaces...and businesses...very cool. Check it out if you never have.

The research on designing my new space is taking on a whole new way of thinking. Since I was a kid, ALWAYS had some kind of art/craft project going on. Ask my family or house is ALWAYS in the redesign mode...'Creative Space'
I've longed to have a studio of some express my artistic offer to others a unique selection of craft items that normally wouldn't be found in a box store.
Another place of inspiration is 'Peter's Valley''s awesome!

My shops have been 'western/rodeo' ever since we opened in 2002. Finding it hard to leave that side there will be a flavor of 'cowpolk' in the shop. I do have a bunch of inventory from the other shop and will be phasing it out.

Taking baby steps to develop the new space into something unique and different for the locals as well as visitors. Something to add to the other great businesses Whitefish has to offer and stay true to the little voice inside my soul.

HEY.....thanks to 'The Treasure Outpost' (fossils/crystals) downtown on 242 Central Ave... under the chocolate shop...those 'selenite' crystals are working just fine! 


P.S. my Mom always said...'believe half of what you see and none of what you hear'
.............................Just ask me and I'll tell you a truth!


A different kinda shop

by Sandra Guzman on 07/07/13

Oh boy...starting to get nervous...gearing up for the new shop. This ones gonna be very similar to the Eureka shop. I had a lot of fun up there. Not sure about rodeo tack, we'll have to wait and see who comes around...more of the general store feeling I had before. SPANKY'S and GUS sure has changed over the years. I can't wait to get started. Painting, decorating, setting up, bringing in merchandise.

Please come and see us in mid August on Railway Ave...downtown Whitefish.

New store location

by Sandra Guzman on 06/29/13

happy to announce ...SPANKY'S and GUS has acquired a lease downtown WF...something to be said for patiently waiting for a spot to open up...decent little location.

inviting local artisans...metal; leather; wood; glass limited consignment space. please get in touch for details...August it is!

Re-launch 'Breath of Life'

by Sandra Guzman on 05/31/13

As it should extreme cleaning has brought me back to  'Breath of Life'.
Is this a calling? I know it's a need.
I posted a blog on 5-3-2012 when 'Breath of Life' first surfaced. You can go back and read up on it. Hoping to reach those in need of this service.


Extreme Cleaning & Organizing

by Sandra Guzman on 03/17/13

Alrighty, so we shop closed our location on Central Avenue. It wasn't working out and getting uncomfortable for me. We mutually decided to terminate our business relationship.

I am currently waiting for a new spot to open up to relocate hopefully by summer.

Until that door opens I am pushing forward with my other company...Extreme Cleaning and Organizing. It's been a great second job for me and I like it much.
I can dictate my hours and days of operation...

Please check out my other business on this website.
As well as FACEBOOK and CRAIGSLIST under ' household'

Hey thanks for supporting your Local Mom and Pop Businesses!......SPANKY

Just a cowpoke lovin' woman!

by Sandra Guzman on 02/05/13 it hasn't been a huge hit. Opened as summer was winding down. Giving me much time to see how to fit in with the ladies at the shop and what I can bring in to service the clientele. Well...turns out I'm not such a girlie girl (ahhhhhh hello....kinda always walked to my own beat) my western roots can not be ignored.
Once a cowpoke culture lovin' woman ALWAYS a cowpoke culture lovin woman. Let it shine baby. Missing my kind of people in a big way!

So be that as it may (as my Pop would say) I will move forward with my shop with western flavor and something NEW that I've always wanted to do....OH you'll have to wait and see!

The space is small and I'm wanting to expand. The ladies of Fifty Seven Boutique have informed me there's no room for expansion in their shop. In fact they already have plans for my space. other words...hit the road. That really is not what I needed to hear, but in a way it's a good thing. Should be on my own. I don't mix very well with high end L.A. chicks...not feeling so welcome in there...Give me some good ol locals!

In search of new and bigger digs. Until then, come and visit the teeny tiny space and say hey. Can't wait for the new chapter of SPANKY'S and GUS  to begin..Cheers.......Spanky  

When doors gotta walk through them...

by Sandra Guzman on 08/18/12

The past few months have been rewarding...heartbreaking...hard working...unexpecting...lost a dear friend...and had to put my 17 yr old dog down...THEN...this... 

OK, so here's the has come across my path the opportunity to re-open my shop. Great location and a chance to get myself back on my feet. Do what I love and who knows where it'll take me. The new spot is a fraction of any shop I ever had, but it's a great start.

We're at 217 Central Avenue, Whitefish.
I was lucky enough to find available space with 57 Boutique and Lili Blue. True Designs is also in the building along with Beauty Bar. It's an interesting combination...different clientele.

I'm concentrating on accessories only. Bringing in a little different element than I use to carry. Sorry no boots, cowboy hats (Fedoras for now) or tack. No room for it. Will carry American West, Shooting Star Saddlery and the beautiful silk scarves are in the shop again!!! A bit edgier line of things and new ideas for the future...Buckles...I got some good ones again and BLINGY belts too! Shooting Star Saddlery belts for guys are BACK!! Right on Jeff saver for sure!! Working on stuff for the guys...
Here we go!!!!!!

So listen...stop on by if you're in town.

With heavy heart

by Sandra Guzman on 06/06/12

With a heavy heart, my friend who had inspired 'Breath of Life' has passed on Saturday morning June 2nd 2012. She was surrounded in love by family and friends around the clock. Julie was a Silversmith...a damn good silversmith. She often could be seen at trade shows in the area and surrounding states. She also took her rightful place among the best of the best at the C.M Russell Exhibits.

I'm grateful to call her friend...and fortunate enough to own a few of her pieces from the years we did business together.

I hope that what little I did to make her home as healthy as I could made a difference, and took some weight off her shoulders and comfortable for all who walked through her doors to spend time with her.

In fond memory...
Julie Van Sant ~ Silversmith
Safe journey my friend...Love ya!

considering the job

by Sandra Guzman on 05/06/12

I do several different types of cleaning. It has come to light, the circumstances under which one of the jobs had to be done. Folks don't want, can't deal with, not able to handle certain situations. Just want it done and over, get past it and move on with their lives. From now on I must be completely aware of what exactly I am cleaning and what it had been involved with. Respectful of the items being left to pack...and treating the client with grace.
Nuff said...These jobs are not your typical clean or even remotely a deep clean. That part comes after the initial 'clean out'...rough and seal! The rates for these types of clean are going to be seriously considered. It's worth every penny. 

buckle up!!!

by Sandra Guzman on 05/04/12

It's been a real interesting week. Never would I have thought if you told me even 4 weeks ago, my life would have changed so much. I can't thank enough the folks I've been meeting with for guidance and direction! This is the best I've felt about what I've been doing in and for my life...ever.
Trust me, I've done a whole lot of things for work and running a business. This is something deep inside...I encourage anyone who reads this post. Turn off the listen...try to can be what you have been searching for...and didn't even know it.

Take it easy folks...til next time...Spanky!  

Breath of Life

by Sandra Guzman on 05/01/12

Man, sometimes thing happen that can change your life...for sure.

I'm starting up a special service for SPANKY'S and GUS...'Breath of Life'.
I will be offering cleaning service for hospice and cancer patients, so they can have a healthy home environment. Give them a chance to rest and not have to worry about when they have the energy and if they can get to it.
In the next few weeks I hope to file for a non-profit status as to except donations to better offer the services free for a period of time.

This all came to be when I got a call from a dear friend. All she wanted me to do was vacuum her home. When I got there and realized how her health was, she was so weak and tired from the chemo. I just couldn't leave without cleaning what I could so she could just No worries.

Through out the day thoughts of my Father kept coming back...he suffered with multiple myeloma and complications. Felt he was right there with me.

The overwhelming NEED that there's something more I can many other folks in this valley alone and in need of support. Finishing projects that have to be addressed. Routine chores around the house. Get that garage or room straightened out. Bringing healthy prepared meals that won't make them sick because of the chemo...

Ya know there's a Kid Rock song that just hit the nail on the head. Every time I hear it, it means so much more and carries a heavy message. Goes like this:

Cuz' I can't stop the war, shelter homeless, feed the poor.
I can't walk on water, I can't save your sons and daughters.
I can't change the world and make things fair.
The least that I can do... is care......

It's a powerful thing to do something (for me), seems so small. It's HUGE for the person receiving it.

This past week was a life changing experience. As I walk this path, I only hope I can make a difference in so many more lives. The least that I can Care!